Chicken and Waffles: A Family Tradition

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Growing up in south-central Pennsylvania, my family was greatly influenced by the Pennsylvania-Dutch culture.  Especially when it came to food.  My favorite meal that my mom made us growing up was chicken and waffles, made PA-Dutch style.  I still have … Continue reading

Build Your Own Patio Table

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Kendra and I really enjoy eating outside but we were having some trouble finding a patio table that we liked in our price range. Most of the ones that caught our eyes cost more than $400.  My favorite was the … Continue reading

K + B Tie The Knot

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Brady & I got married October 23, 2011 at Front Porch Farms in Charlotte, Tennessee. It was a small, outdoor wedding overlooking the autumn landscape. Going into the planning, we knew the most important aspects of our wedding were the … Continue reading


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Psych is one of me and Kendra’s favorite TV shows to watch together.  Scratch that.  It is definitely our favorite show.  We’ve seen all of the first 5 seasons at least 5 times each. We also find ourselves quoting episodes … Continue reading

Strawberry Fields

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Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed fruit smoothies (with Kale and/or Spinach) for breakfast every weekday morning. Well… I may not have enjoyed every one but most of the time they are pretty good.  It’s a great way to … Continue reading


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Cute aquamarine! Essie: Go Overboard Mimosa Panel Curtains Mason Jars Mariposa Table Lamp Archipelago Dress Glass Water Bottle  

Coffee & Sewing

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Last week, we finally set up our new sewing machine. I went to pintrest to find an easy, quick project to get used to the feel of the machine and used material we already had around the house. I was … Continue reading


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I’ve recently really loved the color yellow & wanted to share some of the cutest yellow things I could find. Yellow Pom Flowers Smile Pillow, Honey Pie Design on Etsy Coincidence & Chance Dress, Urban Outfitters Ampersand, SpunkyFluff on Etsy … Continue reading

Eating Together

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I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. Even more, I’ve enjoyed sharing the food I’ve labored on with friends and family.  There’s few joys more than cooking up a delicious meal and having people you care for enjoy it. … Continue reading

Just What the Doctor Ordered

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I’ve never been much for doctors so I never made an effort to see one on a regular basis.  Recently I decided I should at least get a regular check up as a preventative measure.  As a result, I’ve learned … Continue reading

In The Kitchen

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This year, Brady & I made a commitment to eat healthier. We are trying to make better decisions by eating more fruits and vegetable & less meat. We’re trying to eat more home cooked meals and eat out less. We’re … Continue reading